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Project Management, Business and Leadership

Project management is the application of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to plan, initiate, and control the implementation of a project, in order to achieve the desired outcome(s) safely. Course content focuses on critical activities such as work breakdown, scheduling, cost control, risk management and team leadership.

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US$ 299.00

As a skilled professional in today's ever-changing business world, you face many challenges. You...

US$ 29.00

OUTLINE Dimensions of behaviour Style profiles Enhancing team relationships     ...

US$ 29.00

OUTLINE Motivation and your team Motivating factors How to improve motivation...

US$ 29.00

OUTLINE The communication process Barriers to communication Non-verbal communication...

US$ 29.00

OUTLINE Establishing priorities Decision making Avoiding time wasters Eliminating...

US$ 299.00

Despite the fact that most engineers spend a major part of their careers in some leadership...

US$ 79.00

OUTLINE What is personal leadership? Cause and effect Be > do > have Setting goals...

US$ 69.00

OUTLINE Introduction Sources of conflict Five conflict management styles and when they...

US$ 69.00

OUTLINE Introduction Principles of creativity Brainstorming techniques Brain writing...

US$ 62.95

This manual explains the application concepts of explosion protection using Intrinsic Safety (IS or ...

US$ 30.55

This manual is written for the mid-level manager and technical professional wanting to update their ...

US$ 62.95

One of the great truths of life is our interdependence. Everything we accomplish within a company...

US$ 299.00

More and more engineering and technical professionals are making career transitions from product...

US$ 29.00

A basic understanding of costing’s, cost systems, accounting, estimating and time value of money...

US$ 249.00

Technical writing is unique because of its specialized content. It conveys technical content...

US$ 149.00

Professional Engineering is concerned with engineers aspiring to practice within their technical...

US$ 99.00

Application on Project management techniques help to a great extent, to foresee various problems...

US$ 329.00

Professional Engineering is concerned with engineers aspiring to practice within their technical...

US$ 249.00

Mathematical models are used to understand, predict and optimize engineering systems. Many of these ...

US$ 199.00

Statistics is generally termed as a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection of...

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