PJ-SP People Management Skills for Engineers and Technicians

PJ-SP People Management Skills for Engineers and Technicians

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As a skilled professional in today's ever-changing business world, you face many challenges. You must continually evolve your skills to face the demands of your profession.
This is a dynamic and practical program aimed at energising managers into radically improving their skills and the performance of their teams. This live, Online course uses highly interactive exercises, and case studies in a way that challenges professional managers to explore new strategies and develop new skills to solve typical management problems.



  • The characteristics of the four behavioural styles so you can understand the needs of your employees and know how to work with and bring out the best in each one
  • How to practice effective communication skills when training, managing and coaching employees
  • How to develop strategies for motivating employees to be more engaged and productive, and manage poor performance
  • Understand how the principles of emotional intelligence work within a team environment



Any and all individuals who want to hone their leadership and management skills regardless of experience or seniority.



No previous knowledge, experience or qualifications are required to undertake this course. People management skills are transferrable and invaluable; therefore, all those willing to improve their skillset are encouraged to register. 




  • Delegation excuses
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Lessons in empowerment
  • Effective control



  • Group goal objectives
  • Managing group goals
  • Goal setting guidelines
  • Monitoring and improving objectives
  • Performance measurement



  • Understanding conflict
  • Developing trust
  • Recognising behaviour patterns
  • Effective probing
  • Conflict modes
  • Psyche management
  • Fighting perceptions to win



  • Dimensions of behaviour
  • Style profiles
  • Enhancing team relationships



  • What is EQ and why does it matter?
  • The emotional competencies model
  • The domains of EQ
  • The value of EQ
  • Learning how to apply EQ in the workplace
  • EQ and leadership



  • The communication process
  • Barriers to communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Keys to active listening
  • Planning for constructive feedback
  • Effective feedback
  • A short case example of effective communication



  • Principles of poor performance
  • Guidelines for managers
  • Recommendations of application
  • Employment essentials



  • Motivation and your team
  • Motivating factors
  • How to improve motivation
  • Manager’s role in motivating



  • Establishing priorities
  • Decision making
  • Avoiding time wasters
  • Eliminating procrastination
  • Time planning


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Unlimited Access for 2 Years: US$ 299.00


John Piperides

BE Electrical


John is a professional electrical engineer with over 25 years experience in industrial maintenance, production, management, sales and improvement. He has held management positions in several manufacturing and sales companies. His diverse responsibilities have included contract negotiation, authoring and responsibility of departmental budgets, daily management of over 20 reports, practice of cGMP, auditing in a pharmaceutical plant, and system administration and programming of diverse IT and embedded systems. He has been directly involved with industries including building management, pest control, mining, power utilities, food, pharmaceutical, steel, building products, sugar, paper and pulp, rail and airports.

John has completed many years of further education including developing, writing and delivering many work based courses and seminars. He has spent 10 years as a part time teacher at TAFE in electrical engineering, and 15 years delivering structured courses in thermography, power quality, instrument safety, motor drive theory, PLC, SCADA, and pest inspection

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SX-SP Practical SCADA Systems for Industry 14-09-2015
LA-SP Engineering Leadership 21-09-2015
AU-SP PLC's for Automation and Process Control 22-10-2015
PJ-SP People Management Skills for Engineers and Technicians 03-11-2015
COG-SP Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering in Oil and Gas 17-12-2015
CAW-SP Australian and New Zealand Electrical Wiring Standards - AS3000:2007 05-01-2016
LT-SP Tuning of Industrial Control Loops 15-01-2016
PM-SP Project Management 15-01-2016
SS-SP Safety Instrumentation Systems and Functional Safety for the Process Industries 28-01-2016
DIA1-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - Instrumentation, Automation and Process Control 12-02-2016
DIA7-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - Process Control 16-02-2016
BNI2-SP Industrial Instrumentation and Control for Non-Instrument Personnel 16-02-2016
DIA8-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - Tuning of Industrial Control Loops 16-02-2016
BSQ-SP Fundamentals of Instrumentation, Process Control, PLCs and SCADA for Plant Operators and Other Non-Instrument Personnel 17-02-2016
DIA10-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - PLCs for Automation and Process Control 18-02-2016
DIA11-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - Advanced Process Control for Engineers and Technicians 18-02-2016
DIA-SP Specialized Engineering (Industrial Automation) 25-02-2016
BAU-SP Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers for Industry 25-02-2016
MCD1-SP Fundamentals of Process Measurement 25-02-2016
BCIIP-SP Relay Theory and Basic System Protection 16-03-2016
MCD4-SP Process Measurement - Hazardous Areas 04-05-2016
MCD2-SP Process Measurement - Use and calibration 04-05-2016
SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills 08-06-2016
LA2-SP Engineering Leadership - Personal leadership 21-09-2015
LA5-SP From Engineer to Leader - Conflict Management Skills 21-09-2015
LA6-SP From Engineer to Leader - Creativity and Problem Solving 21-09-2015
PJ4-SP People Management Skills - The Four Behavioural Styles 03-11-2015
PJ8-SP People Management Skills - Team Motivation 03-11-2015
PJ6-SP People Management Skills - Effective Communication 03-11-2015
PJ9-SPPeople Management Skills - Effective Time Management 03-11-2015
CAW3-SP Regulations of AS NZS 3000-2007 05-01-2016
SAK10 - Fundamentals of Specialised Engineering 05-07-2017
DEMO: SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills 08-06-2016


General Requirements:

No previous knowledge, experience or qualifications are required to undertake this course. People management skills are transferrable and invaluable; therefore, all those willing to improve their skillset are encouraged to register.