PM-SP Project Management

PM-SP Project Management

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More and more engineering and technical professionals are making career transitions from product design into project management. This, however, requires formal training and a willingness to learn new skills. All the technical know-how in the world will not deliver a project successfully, without proper project management skills. Unfortunately very few engineering professionals have any degree of formal project management training, which results in a great deal of personal stress as well as cost blowouts and other woes.

To address this problem, the course will focus on the critical project related activities such as work breakdown, scheduling, cost control and risk management, and show how these can be performed with software to lighten the project manager's workload. The 'soft' (but equally important) aspects such as team leadership and contract law are also covered in detail. All topics will be supplemented with practical exercises focusing primarily on the areas of electrical/electronic (including instrumentation) and mechanical engineering. If delegates wish to do so, they can choose small projects from their work environment as a basis for the practical exercises.



  • Create computerised PERT and Gantt charts for your projects, add and level resources, and monitor/report on your project effectively
  • Define, analyse and manage the risks associated with your projects
  • Avoid the pitfalls caused by a lack of understanding of the legal issues pertaining to projects
  • Use appropriate software to leverage your time and expertise



  • Engineering professionals
  • Information technologists
  • Maintenance/supervisory managers
  • Project team members
  • Technical personnel



  • Overview of the project environment
  • Project life cycle and phases
  • Project organisations
  • Project success
  • Project definition
  • Project planning
  • Case study - An exercise in developing a work breakdown structure



  • The precedence method of schedule analysis
  • Presentation of the schedules
  • Resource analysis
  • Monitoring and reporting achieved progress
  • Selection of software
  • Case study - Application of the precedence method analysis technique



  • Cost estimating
  • Budget presentation
  • Financial control
  • Change control
  • Cost reporting
  • Value management
  • Case study - Preparation of a project cost report with variance analysis



  • Defining quality and quality management
  • Quality systems
  • ISO 9000
  • Project quality assurance
  • Preparation of ITFs
  • Case study - Preparation of inspection and test plans



  • Risk management defined
  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk management responses



  • The Performance Measurement System (PMS) defined
  • Determining cost and schedule variance
  • Computer software PMS tools
  • Case study - An exercise in integrated time/cost analysis



  • Management and leadership
  • Organisation and project team cultures
  • Motivation and employment
  • Authority and power of the project manager
  • Required attributes and essential functions



  • Procurement strategies
  • Responsibilities of the parties
  • Tender and contract documentation
  • Conditions of contract
  • Contract disputes



  • The legal system
  • Essential elements of contracts
  • Factors destroying the legal force of contracts
  • Termination of contracts
  • Breach of contracts
  • Time extensions and liquidated damages
  • Case study - Analysis of contractual situations



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Unlimited Access for 2 Years: US$ 299.00


John Piperides

BE Electrical


John is a professional electrical engineer with over 25 years experience in industrial maintenance, production, management, sales and improvement. He has held management positions in several manufacturing and sales companies. His diverse responsibilities have included contract negotiation, authoring and responsibility of departmental budgets, daily management of over 20 reports, practice of cGMP, auditing in a pharmaceutical plant, and system administration and programming of diverse IT and embedded systems. He has been directly involved with industries including building management, pest control, mining, power utilities, food, pharmaceutical, steel, building products, sugar, paper and pulp, rail and airports.

John has completed many years of further education including developing, writing and delivering many work based courses and seminars. He has spent 10 years as a part time teacher at TAFE in electrical engineering, and 15 years delivering structured courses in thermography, power quality, instrument safety, motor drive theory, PLC, SCADA, and pest inspection

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