LF-E eBook - Practical Safe Lifting Practice and Maintenance

LF-E eBook - Practical Safe Lifting Practice and Maintenance

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This manual has been put together by an expert in the area of lifting practice and equipment who has observed and studied the problems in working with loads. Lifting equipment refers to both the lifting tackle as well as lifting machines. This comprehensive 300 page manual which will act as a reference for your work for years to come.

It should be emphasised that all loads are dangerous - a 50 kg load will kill or maim as surely as a 5 tonne load if dropped from a 1 metre distance. Safety is not negotiable therefore this manual drives home the point that if you use correct lifting equipment correctly and safely, your operators and personnel are well trained and in compliance with the local legislation as well as a total safe lifting program you will have a productive work force. This manual is not a replacement for that of a full rigger's course but it will teach you what most people will take years to learn and make you a far safer and more productive person on the shop floor.


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GT-E eBook - Gas Turbines: Fundamentals, Maintenance & Troubleshooting 01-11-2015
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HY-E eBook - Practical Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems: Operations and Troubleshooting 01-11-2015
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