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Data Communications and Information Technology

Industrial data communications, networking and IT systems are key components of all modern plants and facilities and industrial infrastructure. Viral and hack attacks on industrial computer systems have become increasingly common and personnel working within this industry need to constantly refresh their skills and knowledge on technical practical and theoretical subjects.

Short courses by IDC Video cover subjects that are both fundamentals and advanced courses for engineers and technicians in industry. Typical subjects include computer systems engineering, data communications and networking protocols and standards, troubleshooting systems, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Ethernet, Radio telemetry systems, fiber optics, DNP3, 61850, routers and switches, SCADA, Modbus, programmable logic controllers, RFID tagging, industrial network security and programming.

Courses in this category:

US$ 299.00

Network Engineering is a branch of engineering technology that deals with the study of planning,...

US$ 299.00

This course on Practical DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) & Modern SCADA (Supervisory Control...

US$ 299.00

This course is an overview of data communication and the fundamentals of Networking. It illustrates ...

US$ 299.00

Android is an open source operating system which is a rapidly progressing technology. This course...

US$ 249.00

Networking basics is about understanding the components that connect devices to the network. This...

US$ 149.00

Data can be exchanged from one point to another by means of electrical or optical transmission...

US$ 479.00

Measurements are performed in order to calibrate and analyze process performance. A goal for the...

US$ 199.00

Data communications concerns the transmission of digital messages to devices external to the...

US$ 199.00

Ethernet is a LAN technology based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)...

US$ 149.00

Ethernet has become an indispensable part since communication between devices in this fast & modern ...

US$ 199.00

The first step in networking is to understand the way in which a network operates and the...

US$ 179.00

Wireless communication has captured the attention of media and the imagination of the public....

US$ 199.00

Fieldbus is a real-time distribution control system. It differs from other communication protocol,...

US$ 79.00

Fibre-optic cables are made up of thin strands of glass or plastic which help to transmit data at...

US$ 179.00

Distributed Network Protocol has become more popular in recent times, and it is now being...

US$ 199.00

A network consists of a larger number of the communication devices like Routers, Repeaters, Hubs...

US$ 179.00

A network consists of a larger number of the communication devices like Routers, Repeaters, Hubs...

US$ 129.00

Modbus is a serial communication which enables communication among many devices connected to the...

US$ 119.00

Openness, Productivity and Connectivity or Open Platform Communications (OPC) is mainly designed to ...

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