Step 1

Go to


Step 2

Select Log in on the top right, and input your login details.


Step 3

Once logged in, navigate to My Orders.

Step 4

Select My Orders on the menu list. You can select your purchased course here.

Step 5

You can view all your videos under the Videos tab, and eBook/s under the eBook/s tab.

Step 6

There are two mechanisms available for viewing the eBooks.

Flipbooks (Online)

Flipbooks are the method that you can view eBooks online. These are the reccomended viewing platform for students, as Flipbooks allow for the eBooks to be viewed on any platform.

When you select the on the eBook hyperlink at the bottom of the page, you can select View Online on the popup module.


CopySafe (Offline)

CopySafe is a downloadable program that allows for students to view the eBooks offline. The main deficit of the software is that it is only compatible with desktop versions of Windows.

To access the eBook via CopySafe, download the links CopySafe Reader and Download on the module.

Once the software is installed, the eBook file can be opened through CopySafe.

The password it requests is situated on the module page.