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IDC-Video is best compatible with both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

While the videos will display normally in Internet Explorer, you may experience some difficulties with the eBooks.

Yes. We recommend you check out the:

While no other courses are free, we offer a complimentary introductory video for all our other courses.


All of them must be completed in order to download a certificate.

You can view their profiles

here. These people are all professional tutors, teachers and lecturers from IDC Technologies and its sister college the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT), that have many years of experience in the workforce.

You can visit here to send a request for assistance.

Access at anytime is allowed for a period of two years.

No course has any definite prerequisite, although background knowledge on the topic would certainly assist your learning.

No. Vimeo is used, which is hosted on a website. The main reccomendations are to view videos through browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Videos can also be viewed on portable devices.

No, we reccomend you check out our sister company called the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT).

Yes, we're consistently updating our courses. Feel free to contact us about any upcoming courses.

The average time depends on course to course, although they are typically between 5 - 10 hours long.

Next to where you fill in your login details, you are able to click on the question mark symbol to reset your password.

If that previous step does not work, contacting us is the next best option to take. Keep in mind that forms of identification will be necessary.


You can seek support here. The Screen Grab button allows you to upload a screenshot of the issue. Using Snipping Tool is the most effective method of taking a screenshot.

Copysafe software is designed in order to prevent theft of the e-books. You will be required to re-download the software on a semesterly (6 month) basis. To use the program, obtain the e-book with the .enc attachment name, and open the it with Copysafe.

No, you can not use a Mac or Ipad, Iphone or Android operating system with Copysafe. You can use emulation software such as Parellels to run Copysafe.

Despite this, you can view the eBooks online. To do this, select View Online on the module where you typically download the eBook. It should display the eBook online on the current tab.

Yes. When you select PayPal as your payment method, you will be provided with an option to Pay With Credit or Debit Card. If you select that option, then you will not be required to have a PayPal account.


There are various methods of viewing the video in a far higher quality than the default.

  1. There should be a setting for most videos that allow you to view it in 720p. If you select the quality settings on the bottom right of the Vimeo player, and enable 720p, the video contents will be much clearer.
  2. Zooming in on the page will also enhance the video size. If you go to settings of your browser and then increase the zoom size, then you should be able to display the video comfortably.