Frikkie Marx

Pr Eng, B Sc (Eng) Senior Engineer

Frikkie has over 20 years of experience in the fields of Power Systems from design to industrialisation. He started his career on the Power System Protection side, then migrated to EMC and Power Supply Systems. Frikkie's portfolio of achievements includes the design of Power Systems, Switch Mode Power Supplies, UPS, high precision Servo Amplifiers, battery and Inverter Design for solar panel applications, vehicle management, specialised computer systems and high current starter for vehicle plants. Lecturer and course developer of Industrial  and Power electronics for Technikon SA (UNISA). Project Manager/System engineer for the development of Electro-optical systems which include video systems for UAV’s and a high resolution Infra-Red Camera. Other activities include the mentorship programs of Kentron, Industrial electronics, rockets and robots training programme for the Denel Youth Foundation Bridging Program as well as training consultant.

Courses by this presenter

Name Level Release Date
DEIh-SP Harmonics and Noise for Oil and Gas Industries 17-11-2015
PE-SP Power Electronics, Switch Mode Power Supplies & VSDs 14-01-2016
PEa-SP Introduction to Power Electronics Devices and Industrial applications 28-01-2016
BNI2-SP Industrial Instrumentation and Control for Non-Instrument Personnel 16-02-2016
DMC5-SP Mechatronics and Remote Engineering - Robot Mechanics 09-03-2016
BCIIP-SP Relay Theory and Basic System Protection 16-03-2016
DMC4-SP Mechatronics and Remote Engineering - Electrical Actuators 29-03-2016
DMC8-SP Mechatronics and Remote Engineering - Digital Circuit Design 13-04-2016
DMC9-SP Mechatronics and Remote Engineering - Machine Vision 13-04-2016
DMC-SP Specialized Engineering (Mechatronics and Remote Engineering) 18-04-2016
DEIM1-SP Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 07-06-2016
SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills 08-06-2016
DEI11M5-SP Construction, Installation and Maintenance of a Transformer 28-06-2016
DEI11M10-SP Analysis of Power Quality Indicators, Batteries and Semiconductor Devices 30-06-2016
DEI11M11-SP Principles of Motors, Variable Speed Drives, and Power Electronic Components 30-06-2016
DEI12M2-SP Overview of Process Instrumentation and Various Types of Measurement 01-07-2016
SAK8 - Fundamentals of Robot Mechatronics 05-07-2017
DEMO: SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills 08-06-2016