TF-SP Practical Power Transformers

TF-SP Practical Power Transformers

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Installation of high voltage distribution and transmission equipment has increased significantly over the years due to ongoing global demand for power. As a result, the need to ensure the reliability of operation of power systems is paramount. It is critical that all personnel operating and working with such equipment have a sound knowledge of their operational requirements and maintenance.

This course provides knowledge on both the theory and operation of power transformers. The course will develop and enhance an understanding of what is involved in the maintenance of these essential components of power systems, through the tips and tricks learnt and developed by some of the world’s pre-eminent electrical engineers.



  • An understanding of the fundamental theory and principles of the operation of power transformers and transformer protection
  • An insight into the identification and application of transformer types
  • An understanding of power transformers, oil and oil tests and interpretation of results
  • Skills in how to manage power transformer breakdowns to ensure minimum disruption



  • Consulting engineers
  • Electrical contractors and inspectors
  • Electrical engineers and technicians
  • Power system engineers and technicians
  • Project engineers
  • Tradesman electricians
  • Utility engineers




  • Introduction
  • Transformer types - General
  • Transformer types
  • Dry Type Transformer
  • Transformer K Factor
  • ANSI Transformer K Factor
  • Pole mounted transformer
  • Auto Transformer
  • Generator Transformer
  • Station Factor
  • Unit Auxiliary Transformer
  • Substation Transformer
  • Rectifier Transformer
  • Power Transformer
  • Type of Cooling
  • On Load Tap Changer
  • Control Panel
  • Control Cable Terminal Box
  • Control Cable Terminal Box



  • Introduction to transformer installation
  • Alternating Current System
  • Magnitude of Voltage
  • Inductive Circuit
  • Electricity Magnetism
  • Magnetic Material
  • Electro Magnetic Induction
  • Induction Coefficient
  • Electricity and Magnetism Terms
  • Transformer Principle
  • EMF Equation
  • Transformer Core
  • Types of Construction
  • Transformer Types
  • Permeability and Magnetizing Characteristics
  • Hysteresis Loop
  • Phasor Diagram of Transformer
  • Three Phrase Vector
  • Transformer Rating
  • Transformer Impedance
  • Three Phrase Transformer



  • Introduction to transformer connections and markings
  • Winding Polarity
  • Terminal Markings
  • Relative Marking of Terminal
  • Terminal Marking of tappings
  • Winding Connections and Phasor
  • Transformer Groups
  • Delta Star Connections
  • Delta Star and Star Delta Connection
  • Star Connection
  • Delta Delta Connections
  • Zig Zag Connections
  • Tertiary Windings
  • Single phase load to Neutral
  • Double Secondary Transformer
  • Three Phase Connections
  • Scott Connections
  • Auto transformer
  • Parallel Operation Transformer
  • Power Station Auxiliary System
  • Impedance of Parallel Connection
  • Group I II III IV Connections
  • Single Two Phase Connections



  • Transformer Parts
  • Transformer Parts Introduction
  • Transformer Core
  • Transformer Windings
  • Transformer Short Circuit Currents
  • Magnetic stray field and forces
  • Short circuit effect radial collapse and types of stress
  • Transformer Test Voltages
  • Transformer Insulation
  • Transformer Oil Requirements
  • Oil molecules and properties
  • Transformer Paper Insulation
  • Transformer Paper Aging
  • Cooling medium method and designation
  • Transformer preservation bushings and tap changer
  • Transformer Tests
  • Transformer Service Conditions



  • Introduction to transformer installation
  • Electrical Schemes and Plant Layout
  • Typical schemes in a plant
  • Transformer Layout
  • Typical Plant Layout
  • Indoor Transformer
  • Transformer Bushings
  • Core and Coil Assembly
  • Transformer Noise
  • Transformer Noise Measurement and Minimizing
  • Power Circuit Connections
  • Changes in Operating Conditions
  • Transformer at Higher Attitudes
  • Installation and Pre-Commissioning Test at Site
  • IR Test Arrangement
  • Pre-Commissioning Checks
  • Commissioning
  • After and Permanently Energized
  • Recommended Settings
  • NZCEP35 Code of Practice
  • Earthing System
  • Touch Step Transferred Voltages
  • Types and Requirement of Earth Electrodes
  • Testing and Inspiration
  • Shock Current
  • Touch Voltage
  • Step Voltage
  • Transfer Potential
  • Power System Neutral Earth
  • Earthing System Design
  • Transferred Earth Potential Rise
  • Distribution System Earthing
  • Neutral Connection to Earth
  • Impedance of Earth Fault Current Path
  • Earthing Connection and Earthing at Distribution Center
  • Earthing or Fittings Other than at Distribution Center
  • Fault Duration Earthing Conductors
  • Earthing Connection
  • Earthing Electrode Connections
  • Recommended Earthing System



  • Transformer operation and maintenance
  • Transformers In Services
  • Transformer Inspection
  • Tap Changer Maintenance
  • Moisture In Transformer
  • Measurement of Moisture Content
  • Removal of Moisture
  • Oil Testing
  • Duval Triangle Method
  • Duval Triangle Plotting
  • Ferro Resonance



  • Transformer Protection
  • Need for earthing
  • Consequences Solutions and benefits
  • Earthing Methods
  • Transformer Inrush currents
  • Types of fault
  • Relays for Protection
  • Delta Star Transformer
  • Spill Current
  • Restricted Earth Fault
  • Current Transformer Requirement



Plan Name Investment
Unlimited Access for 2 Years: US$ 299.00


Behrouz Ghorbanian

BSc, MSc, MIEAust

Behrouz has completed degree courses in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering overseas. He also completed his studies in Electrical Utility Engineering at Curtin University in 2004. Behrouz started his career in the oil and gas industry where his role got him involved in the maintenance and repair of electronic and navigational marine equipment (VHF and SSB radios, Sat Nav, engine control panels etc). He then moved to the power industry and was involved in the design, installation, and commissioning of substations mainly for consultancies and utilities. He has also established a good reputation in teaching power system protection over his long term services lecturing at Curtin University, and also over the period he worked as a Protection Engineer in New Zealand.

Over the past years, Behrouz has been involved in many major projects across Australia (Port Hedland, Barrow Island, Tamar Valley, Karratha, and Newman for example). His most recent experience is related to cost estimation and risk assessment of major substation projects with a special focus on the secondary systems (Protection, COMMS, SCADA). He has also worked as an Engineering Manager and Senior Project Engineer on major copper mine projects overseas. Behrouz has also gained good knowledge in substation design, HV cables sizing and installation, transmission system design, earthing system design and applications, and power system protection design and applications.

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General Requirements:

Some basic knowledge of electrical engineering and general knowledge of the nature and operation of transformers is required. However participants do not need specific knowledge on transformers and the course will start from the basic theory of transformers.