Deepak Pais

B.E (Electrical & Electronics)

Deepak started his career within the Zinc mining & smelting industry as Project Engineer in Substation & Distribution Greenfield project. He then worked in a Marine and Logistics firm in the Bahamas as Maintenance and Commissioning Engineer. Following this he worked with Japanese and German automobile firms as Maintenance Engineer for Distribution and Utility related systems. He currently works as an Engineer in a regional NSW electricity Distribution utility.

Deepak has hands on experience in Distribution, Utility and Substation related systems. He has a particular interest in the consistent interpretation and implementation of Greenfield and Brownfield Standards with an emphasis on safety, reliability, economy and whole of life cost analysis.

Courses by this presenter

Name Level Release Date
CB-SP Circuit Breaker and Switchgear 22-09-2015
POa-SP Introduction to Cables and Accessories 26-10-2015
CPS-SP Fundamentals of Power System Protection 26-11-2015
DMN3-SP Engineering in Mining - Circuit Breakers and Switchgear 23-03-2016
DMN-SP Specialized Engineering (Engineering in Mining) 06-04-2016
DEI11M4-SP Processes for Power Distribution 28-06-2016
DEI11M6-SP Overview of Switchgears and Circuit Breakers for High and Medium Voltage Levels 28-06-2016