DEMO: SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills

DEMO: SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills

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Chemical Engineering - Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering


It is our silver anniversary in the training and education industry and we are celebrating it with you!
Receive your exclusive and complimentary access to the IDC Technologies’ “Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills”.
We have put together over 70 technical videos with more than 15 hours of practical tips and advice presented by highly industry-experienced instructors with decades of combined knowledge in the field.
This unique toolkit has been carefully crafted to give you instant access to solid engineering and technical concepts essential in today’s competitive working environment. 

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Civil Engineering - Structural Design for Non-Structural Engineers

  • Civil Engineering - Structures and loads
    • Classification of structures
    • Kinds of loads and types of support reactions in structures
    • Stress in structural members
    • 8m 43s
  • Civil Engineering - Mechanical properties of materials
    • Development of internal stresses
    • Flexural stresses in beams
    • 8m 48s
  • Civil Engineering - Analysis of beam I
    • Slope deflection method
    • 16m 14s
  • Civil Engineering - Analysis of beam II
    • Moment distribution method
    • Influence line diagram for statically indeterminate structures
    • 12m 37s
  • Civil Engineering - Principles of Statically Indeterminate Structures
    • Influence line diagram
    • Muller-Breslau Principle
    • Principle of superposition
    • 14m 4s
  • Civil Engineering - Analysis of multispan beams
    • Three Moment Method
    • Moment Area Method
    • 7m 35s
  • Civil Engineering - Design Theories
    • Stress-strain relationship for different materials
    • Design philosophies
    • 12m 44s

Chemical Engineering - Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering - Revision
    • Process classifications
    • Material balance fundamental
    • Density of mixtures
    • Ideal gas
    • 20m 57s

Chemical Engineering and Plant Design

  • Chemical Engineering - I and II Laws of thermodynamics
    • Applications to pumps
    • Turbines and compressors
    • Practical problems 
    • Vapor - liquid equilibrium
    • Chemical equilibrium
    • 16m 23s
  • Chemical Engineering - Fluid Flow
    • Fluid pressure
    • Continuity equation
    • Volume and velocity
    • Laminar and turbulent flows
    • Reynolds number
    • Friction factor and Pressure drop
    • Bernoulli’s equation
    • 30m 16s
  • Chemical Engineering - Convection and Radiation
    • Convection mechanism
    • Overall heat transfer coefficient
    • Dimensionless numbers
    • Heat transfer correlations
    • Problems on convection
    • Radiation - heat transfer equation
    • Emissivity
    • Problems on Radiations
    • 16m 52s
  • Chemical Engineering - Materials
    • Piping Materials
    • 17m 33s

Mechanical Engineering - Principles and Technology

  • Mechanical Engineering - Failure Mechanisms
    • Common failure of modes of materials: Fracture, fatigue, creep and corrosion
    • 15m 17s
  • Mechanical Engineering - Vibration measurement and condition monitoring tool
    • Vibration measurement: sensors, analysers and interpretation
    • Use of vibration as a condition monitoring tool
    • Troubleshooting and correcting unwanted vibrations
    • 34m 1s
  • Mechanical Engineering - Metal Production and Heat treatment
    • Thermal cycles
    • Heat exchangers: Types, maintenance and troubleshooting
    • Heat pumps
    • Air conditioning
    • Heat: Conduction, convection and radiation
    • 15m 27s
  • Mechanical Engineering - Electric motors
    • 9m 13s

Electrical Engineering - Applied Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering - Series and Parallel circuits
    • Single path circuits
    • Characteristics of series circuits
    • Closed circuit 
    • Open circuit
    • Short circuit
    • Voltage divider 
    • Exercise
    • 4m 17s
  • Electrical Engineering - RC and RL circuits
    • RC circuits – charging
    • RL circuits 
    • 26m 8s
  • Electrical Engineering - Electrical phase
    • Single phase waveform
    • Period & Frequency 
    • Peak-peak value
    • Root mean square value
    • Vectors in the Cartesian plane
    • 20m 7s
  • Electrical Engineering - Power factor analysis
    • Ohm's law in AC
    • Real power
    • Reactive power
    • Apparent power
    • Power components
    • Power factors & improvements
    • Power factor corrections with example
    • 20m 5s
  • Electrical Engineering - 3 phase voltages and Phasors Y system
    • Power system loads
    • Balance three-phase voltages
    • Three-phase voltage source
    • Phasor – Y system
    • Line to line & line to voltage – Y system
    • Line to line and line to netural voltages – Y system
    • 13m 20s

Electrical Engineering - Electrotechnology

  • Electrical Engineering - Fourier series Saw tooth wave
    • Periodic functions
    • Fourier series
    • Fourier series – Saw tooth wave
    • 16m 9s
  • Electrical Engineering - Filters
    • Signal attenuation
    • Basic filter types
    • 20m 6s
  • Electrical Engineering - DC Generators
    • Principle
    • Magnetization curve
    • DC machine construction
    • Types
    • 20m 25s
  • Electrical Engineering - Induction Motor and Generator
    • Speed of AC Induction Motor
    • Actual Rotor Speed
    • Rotor Slip
    • Induction Generator Principle
    • Induction Generator Performance
    • 6m 27s
  • Electrical Engineering - Synchronous motors and Generator reactance
    • Starting of synchronous motors
    • Generator impedance
    • Conversion of reactance
    • Calculation of Impedance and Fault current
    • 18m 4s

Electrical Engineering - Fundamentals of Digital and Analog Electronics

  • Electrical Engineering - Diode and its types
    • Diode
    • Signal diode
    • Freewheel diode
    • Zener diode applications
    • Light emitting diode
    • Applications of LEDs
    • Photo diode
    • Protection diode
    • Fly back diode
    • 11m 37s
  • Electrical Engineering - Rectifiers and Opto-couplers
    • Half wave rectification
    • Full wave Bridge/Center tap rectification
    • Rectifier output smoothing
    • Optocoupler and its types
    • 4m 20s
  • Electrical Engineering - Transistor Model and Parameter
    • Gummel-Poon Model
    • Ebers-moll model
    • Transistor Parameters
    • NPN and PNP
    • 15m 34s
  • Electrical Engineering - Power Transistors
    • Steady state characteristics
    • NPN power transistors
    • Active transistor constant current source
    • Transistor as switch
    • Digital logic transistor switch
    • 15m 6s
  • Electrical Engineering - Darlington pair
    • Introduction
    • Darlington Transistor Applications
    • 4m 7s
  • Electrical Engineering - Load Line Analysis
    • Input load line
    • Output load line
    • Solution
    • Example
    • Small signal equivalent
    • 8m 25s
  • Electrical Engineering - Number System
    • PLD vs VHDL
    • Decimal to Binary Conversion
    • Octal to Decimal Conversion
    • Octal to Binary Conversion
    • Binary to Octal Conversion
    • Binary to Hex Conversion
    • Hex to Binary Conversion
    • Hex to Decimal Conversion
    • 11m 49s
  • Electrical Engineering - Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra
    • Inverters, Buffers, Open –Collector outputs and Fan-out
    • OR, NOR, AND, NAND, Ex-OR and EX-NOR
    • Laws and rules of Boolean Algebra
    • Truth tables
    • Karnaugh maps
    • PALs and GALs
    • 11m 27s
  • Electrical Engineering - Adders and Comparators
    • Half adder
    • Full adder
    • Parallel binary adders
    • Comparators
    • 2-bit Comparators
    • Decoder and Encoder
    • 4-bit decoder
    • BCD to decimal decoder
    • Decimal to BCD Encoder
    • BCD to Binary conversion
    • Binary to grey and Grey to Binary
    • 7m 30s
  • Electrical Engineering - Decoder and Encoder
    • 8m 10s
  • Electrical Engineering - Multiplexer and Demultiplexer
    • 1-of-4 mutliplexer
    • 74LS151 8-Input Data Selector
    • 1-4-line Demultiplexer
    • 74HC154 Demultiplexer
    • Parity generators/checkers
    • 74LS280 9-bit parity generator/checker
    • 6m 54s
  • Electrical Engineering - Latches
    • SR Latch
    • Set operation
    • Reset operation
    • 74LS279 Set-Reset Latch
    • D Latch
    • 74LS75 D-Latch
    • 8m 27s
  • Electrical Engineering - Flip flops
    • Edge triggered flip-flops
    • Edge triggered SR flip-flops, D flip-flops and JK flip-flops
    • Master slave flip-flops
    • 9m 18s
  • Electrical Engineering - Shift registers and Memory devices
    • Serial in/ Parallel out shift registers
    • Parallel in/ Serial out shift registers
    • Parallel in/ Parallel out shift registers
    • Static and Dynamic RAM
    • ROM, PROM and EPROM
    • Flash Memory
    • Magnetic storage
    • Optical storage
    • CPU and Memory
    • 26m 24s

Electrical Engineering - Mechatronics and Remote Engineering - Computing

  • Electrical Engineering - AUTOCAD 3D Drawing
    • Wireframe modeling
    • Solid modeling
    • 15m 48s
  • Electrical Engineering - Components of a Virtual Instrument
    • Virtual Instruments
    • Controls and function palettes
    • Tips for working in Labview
    • 22m 28s
  • Electrical Engineering - Data Acquisition
    • DAQ – Data acquisition
    • Data acquisition terminology
    • Hardware connections
    • 8m 42s
  • Electrical Engineering - Loops and Charts
    • For loop
    • While loop
    • Charts
    • 10m 30s
  • Electrical Engineering - Arrays and File IO
    • Adding an array
    • Creating an array with a loop
    • Creating 2D arrays
    • File I/O examples
    • 3m 40s
  • Electrical Engineering - Simulations with NI Multisim
    • Placing components
    • Taking simple measurements
    • Setting inductor values
    • Simulation on Multisim
    • Examples
    • 19m 48s
  • Electrical Engineering - PCB Preparation
    • PCB Applications
    • System specification 
    • System block diagram
    • PCB design process
    • PCB design flow
    • 9m 17s
  • Electrical Engineering - Basic Concepts
    • What is MATLAB?
    • MATLAB functionality
    • User Interface
    • Workspace
    • MATLAB Variables
    • Vector and Matrices
    • Complex valued numbers
    • 23m 14s

Electrical Engineering - Mechatronics and Remote Engineering - Robot Mechanics

  • Electrical Engineering - Moment arms
    • Force
    • Moment
    • Moment arm for robot
    • Degree of freedom of robots
    • Joints of robots
    • 15m
  • Electrical Engineering - Static and dynamic function
    • Types of friction
    • Static and dynamic friction
    • Friction dependencies in robot joints
    • 8m 9s
  • Electrical Engineering - Displacement and Velocity
    • Introduction
    • Linear displacement
    • Angular displacement
    • Linear velocity
    • Angular velocity
    • Displacement of robots
    • Robot dynamics
    • 27m 8s
  • Electrical Engineering - Acceleration
    • Linear Acceleration
    • Angular Acceleration
    • Radial Acceleration
    • Example
    • 7m 43s
  • Electrical Engineering - Wheel diameter vs Torque
    • Number of wheels in robot design
    • Common three wheeled robot configuration
    • The four basic wheel types in robots
    • 5m 4s
  • Electrical Engineering - Gearings
    • Torque and gearing
    • Gearing principles
    • Gear ratio
    • Gearing Pros and cons
    • Gear trains and types
    • 14m 19s
  • Electrical Engineering - Momentum
    • Linear Momentum
    • Angular Momentum
    • 4m 47s
  • Electrical Engineering - Inertia
    • Mass moment of Inertia
    • Moment of Inertia
    • Radius of gyration
    • Moment of Inertia – typical bodies
    • 5m 32s
  • Electrical Engineering - Electrical Motors
    • Construction
    • Working Principle
    • Types of DC Motors
    • Types of AC motors
    • Stepper Motors and its types
    • Linear motors
    • Solenoids
    • 12m 44s
  • Electrical Engineering - Motor Sizing and Selection
    • Motor Sizing - Basic Procedure 
    • Motor Sizing - Robot motion profile
    • Motor Sizing - Inertia and Torque calculations
    • Motor Sizing – Peak Torque and Force
    • Motor Selection – Selection Steps
    • 9m 36s
  • Electrical Engineering - Batteries
    • Battery Voltage Rating
    • Battery Power Rating
    • Batteries in Parallel
    • Types of Batteries
    • 9m 3s

Industrial Automation - Industrial Control Systems

  • Industrial Automation - Digital signal processing
    • Digital control principles
    • Action in digital control loops
    • Computer basic architecture
    • Transducers and sensors
    • Digital closed loop control system
    • PLC
    • SCADA
    • 18m 3s
  • Industrial Automation - Laplace transforms
    • Functions in frequency domain
    • Laplace functions
    • Table of Laplace transforms
    • Ideal step function
    • Ideal Ramp function
    • Ideal Sinusoidal function
    • 7m 36s
  • Industrial Automation - Process Models
    • General conservation principles
    • Conservation of Mass, Momentum and Energy
    • Mass Balance
    • Energy Balance
    • State - Space Models 
    • Transform-Domain Models
    • Impulse response Models
    • 12m 45s
  • Industrial Automation - Transfer Function
    • Properties of Transfer function
    • Transfer function of a first order process
    • Two first order lags in series
    • Feedback control system
    • 4m 35s
  • Industrial Automation - First Order Systems
    • Typical Block Diagram of Process
    • Transfer function of a first order process
    • Level control system
    • Simple tank level problem
    • Elementary block diagram of tank process
    • 11m 19s 

Industrial Automation - Specialized Engineering - Industrial Automation

  • Industrial Automation - PLC Hardware configuration
    • Components of PLC system
    • The scan cycle
    • CPU rack
    • 15m 40s
  • Industrial Automation - Instructions of PLCs
    • Basic logic instructions
    • Time related general terms
    • TON and TOF
    • RTO
    • Counter
    • 13m 26s
  • Industrial Automation - Programming Languages
    • Ladder diagram
    • Functional block diagram
    • Instruction list
    • Sequential function chart
    • Structured text
    • 16m 41s
  • Industrial Automation - Control Methods
    • Open loop control system
    • Open loop PLC stepper motor control system
    • Closed loop control system
    • Container filling closed loop process
    • 7m 9s

Industrial Automation - Industrial Control Systems

  • Industrial Automation - Data communication overview
    • OSI Protocol
    • Synchronous and Asynchronous Frame
    • ASCII Table
    • 16m 59s
  • Industrial Automation - Introduction to Protocols
    • Protocol specify
    • Typical frame structure
    • BSC
    • BSC commands
    • BSC addressing
    • BSC frame formats
    • 25m 57s
  • Industrial Automation - Fundamentals of Networking
    • Network communication
    • Types of networks
    • Open systems
    • IEEE LAN Standards
    • Topologies
    • Medium Access Control
    • 21m 28s


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Behrouz Ghorbanian

BSc, MSc, MIEAust

Behrouz has completed degree courses in Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering overseas. He also completed his studies in Electrical Utility Engineering at Curtin University in 2004. Behrouz started his career in the oil and gas industry where his role got him involved in the maintenance and repair of electronic and navigational marine equipment (VHF and SSB radios, Sat Nav, engine control panels etc). He then moved to the power industry and was involved in the design, installation, and commissioning of substations mainly for consultancies and utilities. He has also established a good reputation in teaching power system protection over his long term services lecturing at Curtin University, and also over the period he worked as a Protection Engineer in New Zealand.

Over the past years, Behrouz has been involved in many major projects across Australia (Port Hedland, Barrow Island, Tamar Valley, Karratha, and Newman for example). His most recent experience is related to cost estimation and risk assessment of major substation projects with a special focus on the secondary systems (Protection, COMMS, SCADA). He has also worked as an Engineering Manager and Senior Project Engineer on major copper mine projects overseas. Behrouz has also gained good knowledge in substation design, HV cables sizing and installation, transmission system design, earthing system design and applications, and power system protection design and applications.

Courses by this presenter

Name Level Release Date
EN-SP Electrical Power Systems for Non Engineers 31-08-2015
EK-SP Inspection, Testing and Commissioning 08-09-2015
AF-SP Arc Flash Protection for Electrical Safety Professionals 26-08-2015
TF-SP Practical Power Transformers 23-09-2015
AC-SP Practical Fundamentals HVAC 07-10-2015
PT-SP Fundamentals of Process Plant Layout and Piping Design 28-10-2015
PD-SP Practical Power Distribution 18-11-2015
ER-SP Practical Earthing (Grounding), Bonding, Lightning and Surge Protection 19-11-2015
MK-SP Best Practice Electrical Engineering in Mining, Building Industry and Utilities 15-01-2016
MKa-SP Understanding Basic Costings for Apprentices and Technicians 15-01-2016
PS-SP Practical Power System Protection 25-01-2016
EY-SP Fundamentals of Electrical Substation and Switchyard Design 28-01-2016
MEY1-SP Role and configurations of substations, system studies, switchyard technical specifications 10-02-2016
MEY2-SP Fault limiting, PFC, harmonic control, protection design 10-02-2016
MEY3-SP Earthing systems, switchyard lightning protection, control and interlocking 10-02-2016
MEY4-SP Switchyard facility planning, GIS SWGR 11-02-2016
MEY-SP Advanced Electrical Substation and Switchyard Design 11-02-2016
MEY5-SP Overview of MV metal enclosed SWGR, MV substation design & specifications 11-02-2016
DIA4-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - Plant Layout and Piping Design 14-02-2016
DIA-SP Specialized Engineering (Industrial Automation) 25-02-2016
BCIIP-SP Relay Theory and Basic System Protection 16-03-2016
SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills 08-06-2016
EN4-SP Electrical Power Systems - Transformers 01-07-2016
EN5-SP Electrical Power Systems - Earthing Systems 01-07-2016
EN6-SP Electrical Power Systems - Power Protection 01-07-2016
PS6-SP Practical Power System Protection - Feeder Protection 01-07-2016
PS8-SP Practical Power System Protection - Instrument Transformers 01-07-2016
PS18-SP Practical Power System Protection - Generator Protection 01-07-2016
PD2-SP Practical Power Distribution - Overview of Power Distribution 18-11-2015
EN3-SP Electrical Power Systems - Measurements and Applications 01-07-2016
EN12-SP Electrical Power Systems - Power Quality 01-07-2016
CAW04-SP - Professional Certificate of Competency in Electrical Wiring Standards: AS/NZS 3000:2018 10-09-2019
DEMO: SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills 08-06-2016

John Piperides

BE Electrical


John is a professional electrical engineer with over 25 years experience in industrial maintenance, production, management, sales and improvement. He has held management positions in several manufacturing and sales companies. His diverse responsibilities have included contract negotiation, authoring and responsibility of departmental budgets, daily management of over 20 reports, practice of cGMP, auditing in a pharmaceutical plant, and system administration and programming of diverse IT and embedded systems. He has been directly involved with industries including building management, pest control, mining, power utilities, food, pharmaceutical, steel, building products, sugar, paper and pulp, rail and airports.

John has completed many years of further education including developing, writing and delivering many work based courses and seminars. He has spent 10 years as a part time teacher at TAFE in electrical engineering, and 15 years delivering structured courses in thermography, power quality, instrument safety, motor drive theory, PLC, SCADA, and pest inspection

Courses by this presenter

Name Level Release Date
SX-SP Practical SCADA Systems for Industry 14-09-2015
LA-SP Engineering Leadership 21-09-2015
AU-SP PLC's for Automation and Process Control 22-10-2015
PJ-SP People Management Skills for Engineers and Technicians 03-11-2015
COG-SP Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering in Oil and Gas 17-12-2015
CAW-SP Australian and New Zealand Electrical Wiring Standards - AS3000:2007 05-01-2016
LT-SP Tuning of Industrial Control Loops 15-01-2016
PM-SP Project Management 15-01-2016
SS-SP Safety Instrumentation Systems and Functional Safety for the Process Industries 28-01-2016
DIA1-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - Instrumentation, Automation and Process Control 12-02-2016
DIA7-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - Process Control 16-02-2016
BNI2-SP Industrial Instrumentation and Control for Non-Instrument Personnel 16-02-2016
DIA8-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - Tuning of Industrial Control Loops 16-02-2016
BSQ-SP Fundamentals of Instrumentation, Process Control, PLCs and SCADA for Plant Operators and Other Non-Instrument Personnel 17-02-2016
DIA10-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - PLCs for Automation and Process Control 18-02-2016
DIA11-SP Advanced Industrial Automation - Advanced Process Control for Engineers and Technicians 18-02-2016
DIA-SP Specialized Engineering (Industrial Automation) 25-02-2016
BAU-SP Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers for Industry 25-02-2016
MCD1-SP Fundamentals of Process Measurement 25-02-2016
BCIIP-SP Relay Theory and Basic System Protection 16-03-2016
MCD4-SP Process Measurement - Hazardous Areas 04-05-2016
MCD2-SP Process Measurement - Use and calibration 04-05-2016
SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills 08-06-2016
LA2-SP Engineering Leadership - Personal leadership 21-09-2015
LA5-SP From Engineer to Leader - Conflict Management Skills 21-09-2015
LA6-SP From Engineer to Leader - Creativity and Problem Solving 21-09-2015
PJ4-SP People Management Skills - The Four Behavioural Styles 03-11-2015
PJ8-SP People Management Skills - Team Motivation 03-11-2015
PJ6-SP People Management Skills - Effective Communication 03-11-2015
PJ9-SPPeople Management Skills - Effective Time Management 03-11-2015
CAW3-SP Regulations of AS NZS 3000-2007 05-01-2016
SAK10 - Fundamentals of Specialised Engineering 05-07-2017
DEMO: SAK-SP Swiss Army Knife of Videos on Engineering Skills 08-06-2016

Dr Srinivas Shastri

PhD, MBA, BSc(Eng)

Srinivas has worked in a variety of roles ranging from process engineering to academia and has gained experience in a number of areas. He has worked across cultures in India, Singapore, New Zealand and Aaustralia.

Srinivas started off as a process engineer and then moved to industrial research culminating in the development of a model of the complex hydrometallurgical process of hydrogen reduction of nickel. as a research engineer, Srinivas worked on an optimization solution for a refinery in Singapore before embarking on research into alarm Management. The software was successfully implemented in a large refinery, and the research group has spun off into a company. In a faculty role, he had the pleasure of mentoring and developing young engineers while continuing to build strong links with industry. Entering the alternative energy industry, he led the modelling effort of the shale to liquid process and significantly contributed to the design of a 115,000 bpd commercial facility.

Srinivas is currently developing, in addition to traditional process engineering support, areas of alternative energy technologies, scoping studies, and is actively involved in Business Development.

Frikkie Marx

Pr Eng, B Sc (Eng) Senior Engineer

Frikkie has over 20 years of experience in the fields of Power Systems from design to industrialisation. He started his career on the Power System Protection side, then migrated to EMC and Power Supply Systems. Frikkie's portfolio of achievements includes the design of Power Systems, Switch Mode Power Supplies, UPS, high precision Servo Amplifiers, battery and Inverter Design for solar panel applications, vehicle management, specialised computer systems and high current starter for vehicle plants. Lecturer and course developer of Industrial  and Power electronics for Technikon SA (UNISA). Project Manager/System engineer for the development of Electro-optical systems which include video systems for UAV’s and a high resolution Infra-Red Camera. Other activities include the mentorship programs of Kentron, Industrial electronics, rockets and robots training programme for the Denel Youth Foundation Bridging Program as well as training consultant.

Tom Neillings

Dip EE, Dip Bus Mngmt

Tom started his career as an engine fitter in the RAF. After leaving the RAF Tom worked in oil and gas North Sea projects. During this period he gained valuable experience and knowledge of diesel power generating systems operating in harsh environments. Tom continued his career in South Africa with a short period in Saudi Arabia.

Tom's down-to-earth and practical, yet entertaining approach to the subject of diesel generators makes him a sought after speaker and instructor in this area. His enthusiastic approach to training coupled with his helpful nature is guaranteed to maximise the learning outcome for his delegates.

Roland Green

Mechanical Engineer / Estimator 

Roland brings more than 20 years’ experience in engineering and estimating fields, gained mostly in South Africa. He has worked on many projects spanning the minerals industry, including power stations, coal stockyards and manganese. The past two years Roland has being extensively involved with major projects across Western Australia ranging from $460 Mil to projects of more than a few Billion dollars.

Key projects include:

  • Kusile Power Station Coal Stockyard
  • Kalagadi Manganese
  • Medupi Power Station
  • Minproc RIO TINTO Ramp Conveyor

Deon Reynders

BSc, BEng (Electro-technical), BSc Eng (Hons) (Electronics), MBA


Deon is an Electronics Engineer with over 40 years postgraduate experience encompassing middle management, engineering consulting, management consulting, hardware and software development, systems engineering, project management, marketing, and industrial relations. He has experience of both large and small business environments. He also is an experienced teacher with HOD and Governing Board experience at University level.

His current areas of specialisation include Information Technology (IT ) with an industrial focus, Radio Telemetry Systems, Industrial Networking (LAN technology), and Internet technologies and applications including TCP /IP , the use of Web technologies for process control and OPC . Over the past 15 years he has provided consulting and training services to clients in the USA, Canada, Ireland, the UK, South Africa, Botswana, Trinidad, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Egypt.

He is co-author of several technical books, of which two (Industrial Data Networks and Modern SCADA Protocols) have been published by Butterworths (Newnes). Deon has prepared course material and presented to thousands of engineers and technicians all over the world. Topics include industrial data communications, industrial networking (including fieldbuses and device networks), radio telemetry systems, Ethernet, TCP/IP, OPC , network security, and financial management for engineers and technicians

Govindaraghavan Vijayaraghavan

B.E. (Hons) Electrical

Used EY Cert 2014


Vijay’s experience is primarily in the field of industrial power distribution systems. He has contributed to the design, engineering, commissioning and operation of HV distribution equipment in steel industry for over 15 years which includes outdoor switchyards, indoor MV switchgear and distribution substations. He has also been trained in the operation of large captive power plants forming part of integrated steel plant systems. He has worked as the head of testing of protection and HV equipment in a large 4 MTPA integrated steel plant.


He has also served as the head of the electrical and instrumentation group for over 2 decades in a firm of consulting engineers handling several large international projects, including the power distribution systems of large metallurgical industries and the integrated power generation plants, the captive thermal power generation unit of an Aluminium smelting and refining complex and Tonnage oxygen plants associated with steel manufacturing, among several others.


Vijay has been associated with IDC/EIT for over 10 years and has designed and presented training courses on various topics related to electrical power engineering. Vijay is a popular instructor his students often seek his advice in analysing and solving technical problems at work, sometimes long after the completion of the course itself.

Kobus Harmse

B.Eng(Chem Eng), B.Eng Hons
Senior Technical Manager

Used: DIA October 09


One word describes Kobus. Passionate! He loves his work in chemical engineering. He has worked in a number of roles at Sasol in the chemical engineering area ranging from the ammonia business, to ultra high purity hydrogen and solvents. Latterly he's been responsible for optimisation support in the Monomers and Polymers business. He spent a year doing detail engineering in Texas which he found a tremendously positive influence on his career.

Kobus has received outstanding reviews with his presentations of this course overseas; with many participants commenting on his strong practical bias thanks to his experiences in chemical engineering.

John Lawrence

B.Sc (Hons) M.Sc B.Com (Hons)


John is an accomplished and practising Project Manager who has been involved in the mining and oil industries, banking, investment and finance sectors for over 25 years. His extensive Project Management skills have been acquired through various contrasting project types - application development projects, company infrastructure set-up in multi-million dollar technical and mining evaluation systems, IT component company relocations and strategy development.

His adaptive approach to Project Management has proven invaluable to numerous clients - from hands-on to a consultancy capacity relative to key prevailing factors. He has a strong belief in Post Project Reviews and feeding this experience back into new projects. John is particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity in using software tools to improve the management of projects - both engineering and IT based.

In the past 10 years John has concentrated on the areas of Project Management and Technical training with a number of European and North American based companies. His individual style of training and successful transfer of information methods have made him a highly sought after instructor. An inspiring and professional instructor, you will benefit from and enjoy John’s presentations, including Project Management, Technical and Specification Writing, Data Communications and Networking.


Ian Verhappen

BSc, P. Eng, ISA Fellow, ISA Certified Automation Professional


Ian has been involved in digital communications since 1994 installing the first multi- vendor Foundation Fieldbus project in 1996. Since then, Ian has served as both a leading Project Engineer/Designer and an external/cold eyes review consultant for a number of companies and in pulp and paper, mining, food processing, water and wastewater, oil sands processing, petrochemical and refining industries. Ian is co-author, with Augusto Pereira, of ISA's popular "Foundation Fieldbus Pocket Guide" now in its fourth edition..

Ian is also an active volunteer with ISA, serving as Vice-President of the Standards and Practices 2005/6 and is presently Canadian Chair of IEC TC65, SC65B and SC65E.. Ian is known as a digital communications evangelist and his passion for the topic has taken him around the world to share his experiences.

Ian has accumulated over 20 years experience in oil sands mining where he supported plant operations using standard mining processes of slurry transport, flotation / separation cells and multiphase flow. He is also experienced in truck and shovel operations with associated crushing and solids transport including real time maintenance/operating data for this mobile equipment via wireless communications.


Ian has the ability to explain technology in simple terms that can be understood by others without the same level of theory or experience, a rare quality!

Haresh Khemani

Haresh S. Khemani, B.E (Mechanical) from University of Pune

(used DIA 2013)


Haresh Khemani is passionate about Mechanical Engineering, and teaching and writing. In a career spanning over 17 years he has gained extensive industrial experience in the area of utilities, which provides him command in this field to teach and provide consultancy. Haresh has worked in the installation, erection, and commissioning of utility plants, such as air compression plants, water chilling plants, central air conditioning systems, chlorine liquefaction plants, diesel generators, and payloader etc. He has been responsible for the maintenance and operations of the above plants, along with boiler plants, and various types of pumps and blowers.

As a lecturer at the SSVPS College of Engineering, Haresh has taught his favorite subjects including Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Thermodynamics, Automobile Engineering, Power Plant Engineering and Industrial Instrumentation. He has written course materials on HVAC and other subjects for multiple companies including IDC.

One of his major involvements has been with, where he and his team have published more than 2500 articles covering various areas of engineering. He has personally written more than 400 articles for the website.

Over the years, Haresh has specialized in the fields of utilities of which HVAC is the major part. He has worked in the industry as HVAC consultant and has also written a number articles and course materials in this field.

Robert Holm

Robert Holm, PhD, MIEEE


After completing his studies in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (MEng) and applied mathematics (BSc Hons) in 1997, Robert worked in industry as a power electronics design engineer. The design of electrical machines was his next pursuit, and he completed a PhD at TU Delft in the Netherlands on this subject. His thesis project was not only an academic study, but very practical: a high-speed permanent-magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) was built from his design and mounted as part of a flywheel in a passenger bus in Eindhoven, where it was in active service for several years. Upon his return to South Africa, Robert worked in teaching and research at two universities: University of Johannesburg (UJ) and North-West University (NWU). While at NWU, he designed three more high-speed PMSMs for industrial and research applications. He was also involved with solar, wind and hydrogen energy systems. Next, Robert ventured into the gold mining industry by working for Gold Fields Mining Innovations as electrical engineer, where he completed novel electromechanical and power electronics designs for mining robots. His experience in mining robotics then led him to the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), where he worked in field robotics software development. Since late 2014, Robert moved back into his previous field of electrical machine design via an internal transfer to the CSIR Landward Sciences competency area. Several high- and low-speed machines are being designed for military and civil applications (particularly the rail industry). His current activities include electrical machine design, power electronics, drives and power systems, control systems and PLC/SCADA applications. Robert's previous career experience includes: software engineering, mathematical modeling, computer vision, robotics, sensors, systems engineering, transformers, switchgear, power systems and other high-power electrical engineering, embedded design, industrial power systems and renewable energy.

Hadi Harb

PhD, MEng, MSc


Hadi has more than 15 years of experience in the development and management of Artificial Intelligence and Audio Signal Processing projects.

From 2000 to 2004 he pursued his PhD working on content-based multimedia indexing. He then worked as a research engineer at Centrale Lyon Innovation SA from 2004 to 2006. During his PhD and research engineer work period, he participated in many R&D projects in collaboration with world-class institutions such as INRIA, France Télécom R&D and IRCAM. He issued for 2 patents and published 17 articles in known international scientific journals and conference proceedings.

From 2006 to 2015 he co-founded and managed Ghanni, a company specialized in multimedia content recommendation and identification. Several European radio stations and websites licensed Ghanni’s music recommendation technology. In 2015 he restructured Ghanni to transform it into a consultancy company in the domain of Artificial Intelligence where he acts as the principle consultant. His current interests are in the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to natural language understanding and human-like process control.

Hadi holds a MEng (2000) in electrical-electronic engineering. He earned his MSc in 2001 and PhD in 2004 both in computer science from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées INSA Lyon, and the Ecole Centrale de Lyon respectively.

Paul Maj

In 1990, Paul was appointed Adjunct Professor at the Technical University of Denmark’s Institute of Automatic Control Systems. The Technical University of Denmark is one of the leading universities in Europe. He was responsible for teaching the industrial applications of microprocessors and networking technologies and after winning a competitive grant commissioned a pilot plant with the associated control systems.

As Associate Professor in the Australian University sector he was responsible for teaching computer and network systems engineering. In this capacity he twice won a university teaching award for excellence – one of only three staff to have achieved this distinction. In addition to this he received a National Carrick Citation Award for the development of world class curriculum.

As Deputy Chairman on the educational sub-committee of the Institute of Instrumentation & Control in Western Australia (IICA-WA) he was instrumental in the development of first degree in Instrumentation and Control in Australia.

His work received international recognition. Paul was invited to collaborate with some of the world’s leading organisations responsible for defining international standards and educational best practices.

He was the first Australian invited to be a reviewer for the American National Science Foundation (NSF) course and curriculum improvement program held in Washington, DC. Paul was the first Australian to be a judge for three IEEE International Education Awards for Academics. The IEEE is the world’s largest professional body for the advancement of technology. Paul was a key note speaker at the 12th International Conference on Electrical, Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology in June, 2015. His presentation was; World class ICT curriculum – eLearning, pedagogy and international best practices. Paul is also an active researcher and reviewer for a number of international journals.

Allan Butler

Allan worked for Curtin University and Australian Defense Force before joining SECWA in 1990, where he worked in remote power stations commissioning and decommissioning various power stations in the north of Western Australia. In 1992, he joined the DBNGP as their Corrosion Protection Officer, from which he was internally promoted up the organisation holding various roles nationally and state based for the various owners of the DBNGP. The roles varied across operations, maintenance and projects where he has had direct and indirect responsibility. 
Allan was the project manager on a significant SCADA upgrade which controlled one of Australia’s largest SCADA systems, spanning some 1600 kilometres and supplied natural gas to the Perth Metropolitan Area from the Carnarvon basin.
Allan has recently completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Control Systems and Project Management and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Automation Control and Business Management.
Allan has been elected to the grade of senior member of the IEEE and also holds memberships with the Australian Institute of Project Management and currently sits on the ISA committee for alarm management.

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