Belo Ferreira

Belo Ferreira - BE (Aerospace), Adv Dip Mechanical Technology/Engineering, Dip Civil Engineering Industrial design encompasses the creation of mass produced products. This process begins with a defined need/desire which progresses through to a conceptual design, proceeded by thorough analysis and detailed design, manufacture, and then completed product (sometimes this process also entails the termination/replacement of the product). The industrial design process also involves the participation of many key stakeholders and support networks – such as: product-area experts, for instance, there would be a need to utilise the services of an expert on human physiology with detailed knowledge of the pertinent medical procedures and required outcomes if one was designing a medically-related product such as an analysis machine; marketing experts to gauge the interest in the product, find the market, and then effectively sell the product; financial experts to work through the financial maze and assist in the delivery of a healthy profit; and, legal experts to ensure that the product is a viable legal entity. Unfortunately, many obstacles exist along the industrial design path and any one hurdle can potentially bring about the downfall of a product – and the liquidation stores and rubbish tips are testament to this circumstance as one often finds these places filled with the hapless victims of this process. Belo has worked in many different industries including the insurance, medical, legal, publishing, building, defence, mining and mineral processing industries. She has been involved in many different facets of the industrial design and manufacturing processes. She has experience as both a consumer and as a participating member in the creation, delivery, and/or termination of a variety of different products – albeit most of these being bulk products. Belo continues to have a keen interest in industrial design processes, particularly the development of new software to assist in the design process, the implementation of strategies to synthesise function and environmental/sustainable outcomes, and in recycling endeavours including the rethinking/re-use of superseded products or product parts/materials. Belo currently undertakes a wide scope of work which is compatible with her experiences, qualifications, interests and availability. She works as a consultant, project manager, engineer, trainer, and writer."

Courses by this presenter

Name Level Release Date
DPE04M11-SP - Structural and Civil Engineering Concepts 19-01-2017
DPE04M13-SP - Fundamentals of Process Management 17-02-2017