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Civil Engineering

Civil engineers design and construct our infrastructure. If it’s on the ground, civil and structural engineers are involved in the design and construction stages.  Civil engineers will also  plan, design, construct, maintain and recycle the structures in communities such as dams, bridges, roads, buildings, pipelines, railways and tunnels.

Civil and structural engineering short courses by IDC Video provide professional development for practicing engineers and technicians, and offer learning opportunities for technical personnel working in a field other than civil and structural engineering. Course outcomes cover the above listed subjects above and more.


Courses in this category:

US$ 30.55

Industrial Flow Measurement This manual is suitable for the engineer, electrician, technician,...

US$ 30.55

Piping system design constitutes a major part of the design and engineering effort in any facility. ...

US$ 62.95

This manual gives a solid review of gas turbines with a focus on fundamental thermodynamics; gas...

US$ 299.00

Structural Engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the study of structural...

US$ 29.00

OUTLINE Design of tension members  Design of compression members     WHO...

US$ 29.00

OUTLINE Design of beams Design of truss Design of allied structures WHO SHOULD COMPLETE...

US$ 39.00

OUTLINE Slope deflection method Moment distribution method Influence line diagram for ...

US$ 29.00

OUTLINE Analysis of trusses Influence lines     WHO SHOULD COMPLETE THIS...

US$ 399.00

Structural engineering that comes under civil engineering deals with physical laws and empirical...

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