Welcome to IDC-Video: On Demand Courses

The IDC Video learning platform offers video short courses for professional development in engineering disciplines including: Chemical, Civil, Data Communications, Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Project Management and Engineering Preparation.

There are several terms that can be used interchangeably within education and training to describe 'On-Demand '. These include self-paced, distance learning, pre-recorded, eLearning and online learning. The On-Demand learning model allows you to be more flexible when filling your training and education needs.

All IDC Video courses include 2 years unlimited access to the course videos and associated learning materials. This allows you to view each video in digestible segments, giving you complete flexibility when completing the course.

To begin your course, register as a user, click ‘Buy Now’, and fill in the registration page.

What is included?

  • All IDC Video courses include practical, technical videos presented by industry experts that allow you to put your new found knowledge into practice immediately
  • Once you have viewed all of the videos included in the course, a Certificate of Completion will be made available in support of your commitment to continuing professional development
  • Unlimited access for 2 years to course videos and supporting learning materials
  • Complete access to the associated technical eBook containing 100’s of pages of highly useful, valuable content

Why choose IDC Video: On-Demand Courses?

  • Highly practical, technical course content
  • Course content and videos delivered by industry experts with years of experience
  • IDC has delivered training and education to over 500,000 engineers and technicians worldwide
  • Fast response rate to questions related to navigating the site
  • Complete flexibility in completing your course
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion

Course Fees

All courses are listed in US dollars and payment is secure through PayPal. All users have the option to pay in their local currency. Currency conversions are completed automatically through PayPal as per the current exchange rate on the day of purchase.

For your records, a payment receipt will be sent to your chosen email address listing payment in your chosen currency. If you are a training manager wanting to bulk purchase courses for your staff, fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form listing the courses of interest and the number of future users.


Course Concessions

On occasion, IDC Video will release course fee concessions. To redeem the discount, simply enter the code in the checkout after registering, selecting your course and clicking "Buy Now".